DP-Ovakar Motif

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Toplam Fiyat: 90

Our products are long-lasting and have polymer raw materials. Polymer is a sustainable product that stands out with its hard-structured water, impact and fire resistance. Thanks to its anti-bacterial nature, you can easily use this product, which considers you in your health, for a long time. With its wide color chart, wooden texture and easy assembly, it will reflect the most beautiful decors to you in the most elegant way. DecoPoli products do not contain errors that will upset you, such as swelling or wear over time, as in MDF products. At the same time, it does not experience situations that equal the first day’s mold, such as expansion and contraction over time, like PVC. DecoPoli products are not simply coated like regular products during the production phase, our products are sterilized during the production phase and resemble foil with hot stamping. All of our products are carefully produced and are under warranty.